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Toys “R” Us Locations NFT Launch In Web3

Toys R Us Locations Launch In Web3

The toy icon joins the metaverse as Toys “R” Us locations launch in Web3. Here’s how to find one near you and claim it.

For over seventy decades, Toys “R” US has been a global leader in the toy industry, delighting children of all ages with toys that celebrate the joy of childhood and play. Geoffrey the Giraffe, the beloved symbol of Toys “R” US, is loved by millions of kids and families worldwide.

In addition, Babies “R’us has been known as the leading source of parenting information and advice, offering the best selection of baby products, registries, and savings for pregnant couples and new moms.

Millions of new and expectant parents, grandparents, and caregivers worldwide trust Babies “R” us as the go-to source for the best baby products and advice, registries, and discounts for their families. This powerful combination of iconic characters and strong consumer relationships continues to drive growth and success for Toys “R” US.

WHP Global, which owns the Toys “R” Us brand, announced today that it has teamed up with Anybody, a leading web3.0 tech firm, to bring the iconic toys retailer into the world of blockchain gaming. The first product under the new partnership will be released on Dec. 9, 2018, when fans can buy 10,000 digital collectible items on the Ethereum network.

How To Mint Your Toys “R” Us Locations NFT

Toys R Us Locations Launch In Web3Each collectible is inspired by some of the coolest toys and brands found at a Toys’R’Us store location near you.

Digital collectors can stake their collectibles by earning Gcoins that they can redeem for exclusive access to the coolest physical and digital toys, exceptional in-store experiences, VIP admissions to new flagship stores, and early access to future digital games and experiences. As the game evolves, loyalty rewards, such as discounts for the website, will be added.

“We’re excited to partner with Anybody to bring amazing digital experiences to consumers and unlock the full power of the digital TRU Brands around the world,” said Jaime Uitdenhouwen, EVP of TRU Brands at WHP Global. At the heart of any TRU store plays. Our goal was to create immersive digital and tangible consumer experiences that excite and educate and are fun as every TRU store should be. We’re looking forward to bringing more integrated web 3 experiences to our stores and creating a new category of TRU kid’s experience for the next-gen of TRU kids.”

The planned 2023 rollout for the Web3 Community follows a strong year for Toys “R” Us, which has been present in over 30 different markets worldwide with more than 1,500 stores. It includes the launch of Toys “R” Us inside every Macy’s location across the US and the return of the toy retailer to the UK. Take a look at the NFT collection here.