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Samsung Internet 19 Browser Download Has A Web3 Wallet

Samsung Internet Browser and Web3

The new Samsung Internet 19 browser is ready for download, and Web3 with new wallet features that support crypto and blockchain.

After testing the browser for two months on the beta channels, Samsung has finally released the latest stable release of its web browser, and with it comes a wide range of new features and improvements.

Currently, Samsung Internet version 19.0.1 has been released for some Galaxy devices, but it may take time before the update reaches everyone. Every web page has a “Privacy Info” feature accessible through its address (URL) line.

With the latest update for the new Galaxy S10, Samsung has added an option to view your recent searches directly from the widget.

You can now use add-ons when using Samsung Internet in privileged mode. To use this new function, you must first turn on “allow in secret mode” for each add-on separately.

Samsung Internet 19 Improves On Security

Apart from adding the features mentioned previously, Samsung Internet 19 makes some additional improvements and adds new features for increased security and privacy.

With Smart Anti-Tracking, you can now detect which websites are using cross-site tracking so that you can prevent them from accessing cookies. You can also block cookie access.

With Samsung Internet 19 (SIS19), web browsers will warn you if you’re trying to go to a site that Google has flagged for malware.

The official change logs for Samsung Internet 19 don’t mention cross-platform bookmarks syncing with Google Chrome, but it was present in the previous version. We’re not sure if Samsung removed it from the public release and kept it for the betas, so we’ll keep you updated when we learn more.

Samsung Internet 19 Browser + Wallet = Web3

Samsung Internet Browser and Web3Major and minor virtual asset support is regularly updated and includes popular assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, and more in Samsung Blockchain.

Check your balance or send and receive virtual assets from anywhere at any time. You can now manage and transfer your virtual assets using Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Link your wallet to your phone and start working and transacting your digital investments.

The value of blockchains comes not just from their ability to store large amounts of digital assets but also from their ability to protect them.

For example, using Samsung Blockchain, your private keys are stored in a single, secure place and encrypted by your device’s TEE. In addition, your virtual assets are protected by Samsung Knox, and your files are shared safely with Private Share.

Blockchain technologies are creating innovative steps toward a decentralized digital future. For example, with Private Sharing, you can now securely send and receive documents in read-only mode, expire them after a certain period, and revoke access permissions for anyone who has previously viewed them.

You can also rest assured that your private documents cannot be captured, stored, or forwarded to others. It’s an excellent time for Samsung and Web3.