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Oculus Creator Has VR Device That Kills You If You Die In Game

If you die in the game, you die in real life. – The Blog of Palmer Luckey 2022 - Oculus Creator-min

Your nightmares have come true, as Oculus Creator Palmer Luckey has designed a VR device that kills you if you die in a game.

Many Sci-Fi films involve virtual reality: if you die in the movie, you die in real life too. In said films, people get stuck inside a video game and must play for their lives. If their avatar dies, then so do they.

It seems that someone has made a VR headset that ends your life if you lose a video game. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey recently posted an explanation of his strange new headset called “oculus quest” on Facebook, including a photo of it.

If you die in the game, you die in real life. – The Blog of Palmer Luckey 2022 - Oculus Creator-min
Image Credit: Blog of Palmer Luckey

To trigger the explosion, I used three of the explosives I usually used for another project, attaching them to a narrow band sensor that detects when the display turns red at a specific frequency, triggering the detonator when the correct color appears. Once the right color appears, the device explodes, instantly killing the person who started it.

In other words, Lucas made a video game based on the plot of the Sword Art Online anime series. He says he got the idea from watching the anime and decided to make his version.

In the anime, people wear Nerve Gear, allowing them to enter a virtual world. Then, they’re put into a death game where the goal is to survive as long as possible. For Lucas, this is an exciting concept because it’s not just about playing games; it’s about having fun while being killed.

He says… “The idea of linking our real lives to avatars has always intrigued me. You instantly raise the stakes to their highest levels and force everyone playing the games to rethink how they play them. Packed-in graphics may make a video seem more realistic, but only the threat that severe consequences could happen if you fail to perform well in the virtual world can make a video feel natural to you and everyone else.”

Oculus Creator Has More Features On The Way

(As If The Main Feature Is Not Enough)

Whether or not it’s a good idea, Luckey has already decided to add anti-tamper technology to his fun new hats. The VR billionaire wants you to feel like you’re playing video games.

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to security. But he has plans for an anti-tamper feature that will make it impossible to take off or destroy the headphones.

So the ultimate goal is to make a helmet you can’t take off. When it’s attached to your head, the only two ways to get rid of it are A) if you win the match or B) if you’re dead. That’s probably why Luckey hasn’t worn the device yet.

At this stage, it’s just an exciting bit of office art, a thoughtful way of reminding us of unexplored avenues in gaming. You can learn more here if you dare.